No Programming or Coding

OB7 learns by demonstration. If you can do the job you can show OB7 how to do it. Learning without programming means that anyone can teach OB7 to do hundreds of complex automation jobs simply and quickly.

7 Axis of Freedom

OB7’s 7th Axis refers to “7 degrees of freedom”. Providing ultimate flexability much like the human arm. This permits OB7 to reach around objects or obstacles in the work area which is impossible for 6 Axis robots. Additionally, each of the Axis or joints can rotate 360 degrees in either direction allowing it to work in confined work spaces or hard to reach positions.

Safe and Flexible

OB7 is fully compliant with ISO10218-1 work safety guidelines and requirements for Collaborative Robots. When equipped with safety sensors OB7 can work safely at higher speeds when people are not in the work area and slower speeds when people are nearby. It can be equipped as a mobile system to be quickly moved between work cells or a fixed system mounted on walls ceilings or existing equipment.

Easy to Teach

Teaching OB7 is as easy as showing it what to do, which makes adding robotic automation easy to integrate into your business. No technical knowledge required.  Let the experts at Oylair help set up your collaborative robot.