Universal Applications

Kitting & Packing

Collaborative robot uses can be applied to a variety of different applications.  OB7 is designed for repetitive motions like packing, packaging, and kitting jobs. Let OB7 help you get more product out the door by easily integration into your current processes.


OB7 can automate the assembling of products or parts for fastening or joining, driving of screws, glue application or other adhesive, welding, or other fastening applications

Machine Tending

OB7 takes the tedious out of machine tending. OB7 seamlessly integrates into your current manufacturing operations, generating immediate results and giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Work Assistant

OB7 opens up new possibilities with safety sensors and no fencing required. Discover the ways you can integrate OB7 as a work assistant into your current processes.