Cobot Machine Tending

Keep Your Machines Running 24/7, Even With The Lights Out.

Machine tending is tedious, inefficient work for hourly employees, with tons of down time. Optimize your workforce, by letting them do what they’re best at. Use your machine operators for complex tasks, not babysitting. Let a modern Cobot tend your machines, even when nobody is home.

Cobot Machine Tending
Machine Tending OB7 Cobot

Your Cobot Will Increase Your...
Spindel Time Prints Per Hour Production Throughput Hours of Production

CNC Operators need to spend their time programming machines, and setting up jobs. Get more done by automating the loading and unloading of completed parts and watch productivity increase.

Productive Robots Solve Operational Challenges. We Are Here To Help You Optimize Their Impact For Your Operation.

Cobot Experts Visit Your Business and Help You Visualize the Capabilities

In-Stock Cobots Ready for On-Site Demos

Fast Return On Investment

Financing and Rental Options Available

Free Trial Period Available

See for yourself how Cobots can run your CNC machine autonomously.

After You Implement a Cobot, Your Cobot Will Be Able to:

Run for Extended Hours With No Supervision

Repurpose Valuable Employees to More Dynamic and Fulfilling Work

Lower Your Cost of Production

A Reliable Source of Labor

Improve Operations

Hit Your Production Deadlines

Cobot Implementation
Getting the Products or Services You Need Has Never Been So Easy

When it Comes to Cobots, Seeing is Believing

Request an On-Site Demo

Request An On-Site Demo

Provide your information, and we will schedule an on-site demo of what Cobots can do in your business.
See Cobots At Work

See Cobots At Work

We will set up a Cobot and show you how it can do employee tasks at your business. You will be able to see it for yourself.
Analyze Your Needs

Analyze Your Needs

Sometimes, your Cobot will have special needs, such as end of arm attachments or CNC integrations.
Optimize Your Throughput

Optimize Your Throughput

Get up and running with your new Cobot on day 1. Produce more efficiently by easily automating your repetitive tasks.

Every part we produce needs to be 100% functionally tested. The OB7 can now be used to press these buttons, allowing the Assembly Technicians to focus on other value added operations.

Jon Seboe
Director of Operations | Xymox Technologies

Working "lights out" with OB7 allows us to go home and return the next morning with a job completed, ready to start the next. OB7 has saved us significant time and money, while increasing quality and precision.

Marvin Rodriguez
Vice President | True Precision Machining

We have not let go of any employees and our production has increased. We have big plans for OB7, not just on our mills but on our lathes as well.

Timo Lunceford
General Manager | Swiss Productions

The flexibility really showed when we got it, set it up, and started playing around with it. Our initial idea took a quick right turn and we ended up using OB7 for something else – a new turnkey solution, actually.

Tad Orstad
Director of Operations | Action Plastics