3 Reasons Your Company Should Consider A Collaborative Robot

3 Reasons Your Company Should Consider A Collaborative Robot

If your employees are doing several repetitive tasks during their day, a collaborative robot may be a great addition for your company. Collaborative robots or “Cobots”, can be used for a wide range of applications. They are designed to work side by side human operators and can increase production and improve product quality. Here are three reasons why your company might consider incorporating collaborative robots into your workplace.

Collaborative Robot Increased Production

For tedious, repetitive tasks, a Robot can deliver a high-quality product faster and, in most cases, better than an hourly employee. As such, a Collaborative robot can free up that worker to do tasks that require more critical thinking which can contribute to an increase of the overall production. Most importantly, Cobots can work safely alongside workers without the need for special cages or work cells.

Improve quality and consistency

As humans, we are all fallible and make mistakes. Doing repetitive tasks hour after hour day after day eventually leads to mistakes and inconsistencies. These mistakes can be time consuming and costly. Robots on the other hand, are designed to perform repetitive tasks with precision. This makes for reliable quality and consistent production on each production run. Decreasing the amount of waste from mistakes and lost production time will also increase profits. Well made products boost the confidence of customers and keep them coming back.

Can be operated by existing personnel

Collaborative robots offer the unique opportunity for existing personnel to utilize them as they are much easier to program and operate compared to their industrial counterparts. Industrial robots require special training and programing as well as costly integration, skills that can dramatically increase costs both initially and over time. These are a few reasons why a collaborative robot could add value to your business.

A Cobot might be right for your Company!

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